E3D420VX VIZIO 42 Inch Class LCD HDTV with 3D Theater VIZIO Internet Apps

VIZIO 42 Inch E3D420VX will give you another sensation to enjoy 3D impressions. In addition, the TV is also equipped with various entertainment features that can be connected to the Internet and this must have been built Wi-Fi. So you do not have to be confused with messy wires everywhere. VIZIO E3D420VX easy for you to play music and photos from USB drivers. Do not be surprised if the qualities of audio and video are staggering. In short, you will be satisfied with all the existing features.

If you still think the conventional internet TV, immediately switch to the VIZIO E3D420VX and you’ll get 3D Internet-Connected HDTV. You can easily bring intense 3D movie experience in your home. With VIZIO’s polarized 3D Theater all that were not initially possible, it would be possible and easy. With affordable prices, you can be satisfied to enjoy flicker-free 3D you get in the theater! Two pairs of glasses are included the box. So you can feel the sensation with this active shutter glasses. 3D Theater and experiences a more intense experience than others. All because the glasses that have polarized the lightweight and can be used for other systems.

You can also access your internet needs from this TV. Streaming movies and TV shows more enjoyable. Moreover, coupled with listening to music and get the latest news about various things. News to sports. Vizio Internet Apps will help you simplify everything related to the Internet.

Besides full of 3D content, 2D content in VIZIO E3D420VX unreliable. With Full HD 1080p resolution, and a striking 200 000 to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio will make the TV picture is clear and stunning. Contrast, the colors in the picture really made perfect. While an ultra-quick 120Hz refresh rate provides smooth, super-sharp viewing for fast-action sports and movies. So, stay home to watch your favorite game!

SRS (Superior Surround Sound) technology to support what was said earlier about the amazing audio. You can watch the action movie without disturbing neighbors and hear clearly every conversation there. High frequency with a bass that fits, will make the atmosphere of watching movies become more real. You’ll avoid the noises that hurt your ear. Due to this technology, the sound that comes out to be very fit depth and superior!

For ease of connecting with other devices, VIZIO E3D420VX equipped with 3 HDMI ports. This allows you to connect with theater setup, Blu-ray Player, and HD cable or satellite TV, to deliver Full HD and 3D entertainment from multiple sources.

Besides 3 HDMI ports, VIZIO E3D420VX also provides two USB ports. This allows you to connect your TV to a USB drive media. You can play music and display your pictures on this TV. As long as the file format for the form of MP3 music and JPEG formats for image’s format.
ECO VIZIO HDTV HD is a marker that is highly efficient energy and the current Exceeds ENERGY STAR guidelines. You can enjoy various advantages without having to sacrifice a lot of energy to it all.

With VIZIO E3D420VX you who are in need of a TV with various advantages and saving energy, can directly get the answer to the restlessness of his heart.

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