Eagles tailoring offense to players after seeing them in person

Eagles tailoring offense to players after seeing them in person

The Eagles are installing a new offense this offseason after hiring head coach Nick Sirianni and offensive coordinator Shane Steichen and both men came to Philadelphia with a sense of the kind of scheme they want to run.

Steichen told reporters at a press conference last week that the offense is going to start with “a strong run game and feed off the play-action and screens” that get set up by success on the ground. The full look of the offense is still taking shape, however, because the coaches are still getting to know just what the players can do.

“I think, when you go into a new situation, new team, you’ve got to find out about your players, you really do,” Steichen said. “I think you go through that process through virtually, but then when you really get them on the grass like we have been the last couple days and see their movements and their skills and see what these guys do well, you want to put them in position to make plays. I think through time, through these next couple weeks and into training camp, that offense is going to be molded, and we’re going to tailor that to these players.”

Given the significance of the quarterback position, it’s likely much of the tailoring will be done around what will make Jalen Hurts successful. Steichen didn’t delve too deep into his thoughts about Hurts, saying that “obviously he brings a good skill set that you can do multiple things with him.” Picking the right ones will be a crucial part of the Eagles’ preparation for 2021.